Demo | Sign in is IoT for YOU at its best. We take the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) and bring them to your home, your neighborhood, municipality or place of work in a tailored context. will ease your life by taking care of the most demanding aspects of owning, running or just using a property of virtually any kind. This is your time to take your technology advantage.

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Life is meant to be about life. is a community of people attracting members with a shared mindset regarding mobility, comfort, property investments, overhead finances and security. We enable you to concentrate on the real side of life and let machines help out with the nitty-gritty...

Product, Service, Solution, Eco-system is a multi-layered eco-system, with IoT-enabled devices for data acquisition and robotic actuation. Our service surrounds those capabilities with tailored functionality packages, in line with your individual preferences. The eco-system we provide surrounds all thes with a shell, orchestrating each components in an automated fashion to get information, understand situations, handle needs and recognize individual and community-driven opportunities.

Drone matters

Drones mean an integral part of the Nextdoor ecosystem. Tasks for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle include surveillance, regular inspections and delivery.

Network infrastructure

Nextdoor is capable of utilizing multiple infrastrucures. Classic, EtherNet based connectivity and WiFi are supplemented by LoRa elements for extended availability.

What gets done for you

You'll find a summary of major capabilities of


Be aware of what is going on in your property. Be the first to know if your pump is at fault or your overhead spend is going wild.

Energy and utilities

Have an up to date insight to what your energy spend is and what opportunities you have to improve that.


Your property becomes able to eran and spend money. Give it a strategy to make it right.


Let A.I. keep an eye on your premises. Don't rely on a plain camera. will be constantly awake.


Use your drone to deliver regular and on-demand items to your house or apartment. Plan your preferred, safe flight routes yourself.


Meet like-minded people and exchange wealth in a properly balanced deal.

Pre-registration is not a finished product yet. It is running at competitions and startup arrangements at its present state as an MVP. Feel free to pre-register for the following reasons:

Gain your own insights

Experience the latest status of this development. Find out if and how you would find benefit in the products and services when those are at work.

Get updates on future milestones will send its pre-registered users a newsletter on latest milestones and developments once a month.

Pre-registrations are entirely free. Your data will not be sold to any external parties and will not send you e-mails more frequently than once a month.

Get in touch

Use the below form to contact with questions, which will be answered - if relevant - on a best effort basis. Please note that we are not taking external investments (e.g. money) and we are not considering external proposals or recommendations on technology, work process, etc. For more on such, please read our FAQ. is being built according to its existing roadmap.