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    Zoltán Pályi

    Nextdoor.eu is the first instance of a series of web services for technology competitions. It was built in an MVP style, with all major functions being at least ready for trying in a properly 'furnished' environment. The portal functionality will pick up these developments by Q1 2018. In case you wish to learn how a Nextdoor-run real estate works, please feel free to try this website and check back often to see what's new.

    Finesis LLC - the legal entity owning the network of Nextdoor portals - takes no direct private investments. We are also not open to any purely financial Venture Capital investments. Cooperation is however in place with some partner ecosystems already and we are open to work with large scale real businesses of industry specific interest. In case you wish to learn about the conceptual background driving Nextdoor.eu, please follow the below link:



Nextdoor.eu has been around since April, 2006. At that time, the web site was running a custom-developed community facilitating the everyday networking of like-minded people with a geographically advanced portal engine. With the coming of a more defined trend in digitalization, Nextdoor.eu extended its reach to people living alone or in communities, with the aim of making their life easier and better managed, with the help of cutting-edge automation and intelligence solutions.

The ultimate value for our to-be customers is

  • safety and security
  • financial stability, passive income generation
  • optimized real estate rent and overhead spend
  • simplicity
with a yet-unseen potential for LIFE PORTABILITY.


While we are running in an experimental mode (no productive registrations are yet allowed), Nextdoor.eu exhibits a number of features for you to get acquainted with.


In the future, our service will be gradually expanding in line with our coverage:
  • Nextdoor.asia
  • Nextdoor.lat
  • Nextdoor.us.com
  • Nextdoor.africa.com


Please note that Nextdoor.eu is the first experimental build of the regional series. Anything that you read here refers to a non-productive environment that is being built with the aim of making it accessible for wider communities.

Changes to come: Read our Blog


by Finesis LLC

Delaware, USA

Please use contact options for any inquiries.


April 2018: Competition entries started