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At Nextdoor.eu, there are two consumption attitudes that you can configure. These are: on-demand and strategic. What do these mean?

  • When configuring a point of commodity usage as on-demand, you give no authority to the system to decide whether or not to service your request based on pricing strategy. Washin your hands, for example, is not something that you would delay, until prices take a favorable turn.
  • In case you configure a commodity coupling point as strategy-driven, it is up to Nextdoor.eu to decide when to fulfill the order. You set the aim (e.g. to fill up your pool) and we make sure that your pumps start working at a time when a favorable price is in effect.

You can find your commodities of interest under the Buy Strategies page. Be it water, gas or electricity, you will be able to set limit prices, between which you are willing to buy the given commodity.

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